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The name Elias Toufexis is synonymous with Science- Fiction television and video games. Not only has Elias performance captured and voiced characters in countless games including, Ubisoft's Splinter Cell series, Assassin's Creed series, Shawn White Skateboard and I Am Alive, but Elias was the lead role of Adam Jensen in Eidos' production, Deus:Ex: Human Revolution, a game which has sold over 3 million copies earning millions and gave Elias the honour of being nominated for an ACTRA Award, A National Academy Of Videogame Trade Reviewers award and winning Best Character in a Video Game at the 2012 Canadian Video Game Awards. (Elias even hosted the 2013 edition of the award show broadcast nation wide).
On-screen, Elias can be seen in such films as The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Conduct Unbecoming, Decoys, and Ba'Al to name a few. Most recently on television, Elias has held recurring roles on ABC's, Zero Hour, SYFY's Alphas, CTV's The Listener, ABC's Rookie Blue, and appeared on CBS's Flashpoint, Showcase's Lost Girl, Smallville, Supernatural, and the list can go on and on. He's been on most every TV series shot in Canada. Apart from his video game work, you may recognize Elias' voice in the animated feature, The Legend of Sarila starring fellow Montreal actor and 2012 Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor, Christopher Plummer, or as the villain in Imaginaerium and you have definitely heard his commercials for Yellow Pages, Lexus cars and many other major corporations.
Elias is currently traveling around Canada attending comic and sci-fi conventions meeting fans and working on secret video game contracts that we wish he could tell you about. Elias is also working on various TV shows (like Syfy channel's new show Bitten and CTV's new show Played) and he is writing a book about his experience working in the video game industry.

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Latest News

- Elias is presently hard at work on performance capture for TWO major video games that we are not allowed to tell you anything about. ;)

Elias plays the character of ROBERT in the film LEN & COMPANY. Also starring Rhys Ifans and Juno Temple

Elias plays the character of JOEY STILLWELL in Syfy's & Space Channel's Original Drama BITTEN airing now

- Elias hosted the 4th annual Canadian Videogame awards.

- Elias is back as the popular character Kobin in Splinter Cell: Blacklist

- You can see Elias speak French is in his first fully French film Louis Cyr

- You can hear Elias as Kauji in the feature animated film The Legend Of Sarila

- Elias is in the 2nd season of Alphas as a recurring bad guy. It's a good one.

- Elias is guest starring in a new show for ABC called ZERO HOUR with Anthony Edwards.

- Elias has a really cool starring role as the creepy Snowman in the beautiful feature film Imaginearium. Coming out in 2013

- Deus Ex: Human Revolution (In which Elias plays the lead character Adam Jensen)
Is breaking records and winning awards. In 2013 it is being re-released as a Director's Cut on the Nintendo WiiU

-See Elias Guest Starring as Charlie Davis on ABC's Rookie Blue

-Watch out for Elias as Scott in the Fox / Incendo movie Crisis Point playing the lead, you guessed it, bad guy


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